Container Repair Services

Saxon offers a comprehensive container repair service. All types of repair such as CSC, vcialis 40mg tilt patching and structural repairs for IICL 5, troche UNICON and SEACO cargo worthy are provided, cialis with strict quality control of materials and fabrication procedures to conform to all inspection requirements of IICL survey. Ready stocks of container parts (corner castings, door locking accessories, corner posts, container floors, container seals etc.) ensure efficient and timely execution of repair jobs.

Container Inspection And Certification Services

We offer container inspection and certification by IICL certified container inspectors. The service covers inspection, certification, damage repair estimation and reporting.

Container Storage And Depot Services

Yard space is available for rent to shipping companies and other parties in need of container storage space. Also available for rent, at competitive prices, is handling equipment, including a Boss Hyco stacker.

Container Rental Services

Shipping containers as well as containerised offices, accommodation and other utility units are available for rent at competitive rates. Special low rates are offered for long-term rental contracts.

Container Transport Services

Road transport of containers within the UAE or the Gulf region is undertaken at attractive rates. A comprehensive service is offered including transport of palletised goods , haulage & distribution contracts and other related logistical services.

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