Containers are versatile building blocks which can be joined, malady cut or shaped to make any type of enclosure, seek from simple accommodation and storage units to multi-story hotels and offices. They benefit from an existing worldwide transport infrastructure of ships, treatment trains and trucks designed specifically for handling containers efficiently. This renders them cheap to transport and easy to re-locate. Additionally, installation work is far easier, quicker and cheaper than that required by traditional brick and mortar buildings.

Whatever your requirements (supply or turnkey), Saxon’s unique & optimised designs of containerised and prefabricated building solutions provide the answer, whether it is:

  • Containerised Toilets, Showers and Laundry Units
  • Mobile Site Offices & Relocatable Business Centres
  • Gymnasiums, Recreational and Community Centres
  • Kitchen, Mess, Canteen & Pantry Containers
  • Relocatable Camps (Labour, Military, Refugee etc..)
  • Mobile Workshops and Industrial Plants
  • Containerised Water, Diesel & Gas Tanks
  • Mobile Security, Telecom and CCTV Cabins
  • Containerised Shops, Pharmacies and Showrooms
  • Mobile or Fixed Police, Bank and Post Office Stations
  • Mobile Laboratories (Medical, Veterinary & Industrial)
  • Residential Villas , Small Hotels & Chalets
  • Relocatable Stores and Multi Unit Warehouses
  • Schools and School Buildings (Classrooms Etc..)
  • Mobile Health Clinics and Small Hospitals
  • Electrical Packaged Substations (33, 11 , 6 & 0.4 KV)
  • Relocatable Electrical Power Stations (Upto 10 MW)
  • Water purification and desalination Plants
  • Relocatable Fuel Stations with petrol & Diesel Tanks
  • Custom Built Units to Customer Requirements & specs
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